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Upcycled Candle Jar

One of my favorite ways to reduce my carbon footprint is to repurpose old glass containers. Recently I finished off a candle and had only the dredges of wax left stuck to the bottom of a pretty glass container. Here is how I decided to reuse the jar:


This was easy and fun to make, if you’re interested in making something similar for yourself the steps are below.

  1. Remove the Remaining Wax.
    Place the candle jar into a slow boiling pot of water. Make sure the water cannot enter the candle jar. Slowly the hot water surrounding the glass will heat up the remaining wax, after which you can pour out the melted wax and are left with a clean jar.
  2. Clean the Jar.
    After the jar has cooled, clean it with soap and warm water to remove any residual wax. This sometimes requires a bit of elbow grease.
  3. Create a Design.
    Here’s the most fun part. You can do whatever you like: minimal, intricate (like mine – I used plain ‘ol sharpie), modern, or even natural. For now pinterest away for some inspiration, but I’ll have some examples up soon of my own designs.
  4. Add Filler.IMG_2395
    Since the point is to reuse and repurpose I urge you to skip buying a filler and instead find one. I went down to the beach and collected a bit of sand for my filler. Some ideas are: wood, stones, cut up pine needles, pine cone pieces, wine bottle cork,  beans, grains, paper stars, paper shavings…the list goes on. Just remember, if you’re collecting filler from nature to not take more than needed, and to clean it thoroughly.
  5. Enjoy a New Container!
    I chose to store my make up brushes in mine, let me know how you decided to use yours.

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