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Floating Garden Upcycle Project

I have always wanted air plants and this month I finally committed and bought a couple. They are the light of my life now and I wanted to display them in a minimal but cute way. I was not committed to buying the hanging structures that were sold at the booth where I found my… Continue reading Floating Garden Upcycle Project

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Sand, A Valuable World Commodity

One of the most valuable resources in the world is sand. It is used to make cellphones, roads, and entire cities. As urbanized areas expand to house a growing population and companies increase production to meet ever growing demands sand is becoming more scarce on a global scale. Sand comes in different sizes and shapes.… Continue reading Sand, A Valuable World Commodity

Arts & Crafts, DIY, Homemade, Repurpose

I Dropped the Photo Frame – Upcycle

The title really says it all. I trusted a precarious position on the shelf and it proved to be a bad idea. The frame was cheap, one that I had picked up from a thrift store to help decorate my college apartment.  Before throwing anything like this away I always think "can I fix this?… Continue reading I Dropped the Photo Frame – Upcycle

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Where the Wild Things Were

This book, written by William Stolzenburg has become important to me. Where the Wild Things Were gave me a wider more comprehensive and illuminating view into the relationship predators have with their environment, and their relationship with humans throughout history. Using stories of discovery and grand ideas, Stolzenburg takes us through the recent history of… Continue reading Where the Wild Things Were

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Humpbacks in My Backyard

Humpback whales have populations all across the globe, and while some of those populations are doing well in number, others, like the one that exists off the coast of western United States, are still listed as endangered. These charismatic giants are attracted to waters along California's coast for one main reason: food. The humpback, a… Continue reading Humpbacks in My Backyard